Hasan wins commission seat

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Ben Hasan has unofficially won the district 6 commission seat in Augusta-Richmond County.

In this historic election, there will now be an African-American majority for the first time in commission since its consolidation in 1996.

Tonight, with seven out of seven precincts reporting, Hasan won with 1,243 votes, compared to Bob Finnegan's 1,128 votes.

Hasan says one of the main things he wants to see for South Augusta is growth.

"South Augusta is untapped in terms of it's potential. This is where all the land is at, this is where many more of the opportunities have yet to be explored. They're widening 56, they're getting ready to widen Windsor Spring Rd. You talk about Diamond Lakes right at 300 acres of land there. So the potential in South Augusta is just huge that would benefit all of Augusta," he says.

Provisional ballots are not included in this tally.

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