FDA warns pure caffeine powder can be lethal

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The FDA is warning consumers of a form of caffeine that can be deadly.

The powdered product is100% pure caffeine. The FDA said it killed one teen back in May, and it's best to stay far away from it.

"I drink two to three cups a day," Mary Wilson said.

"I'll drink a cup of coffee every once and a while to get the day going, but other than that, that's about it," Justin McClendis said.

Both Wilson andMcClendis admit, they get their daily dose of caffeine from coffee,but they try to steer clear of other caffeinated products. Even the popular energy drinks.

"I don't like them. I prefer natural things," Wilson said.

"Even the content of the caffeine and these kind of drinks," McClendis said. "I mean they're even making it so little kids can't buy them anymore because they can be abused and they're very dangerous if consumed in high amounts."

The powdered product the FDA is warning folks is pure caffeine. As little as one teaspoon equals to about 25 cups of coffee.

"It sounds like something dangerous," McClendis said. "Pure caffeine, it doesn't sound like anything that I would want to ingest."

"No, I would never, ever, do it, because it's dangerous," said Wilson.

The warning follows the death of 18-year-old Logan Steiner. He died right before his graduation. Blood tests showed he had more than 70 micrograms of caffeine in his body. Steiner had mixed caffeine powder with a drink and his body couldn't handle it.

The FDA warns parents that teenagers, like Steiner, and young adults may be drawn to the product because of the perceived benefits.

"I'm glad the FDA is looking into this. It's something that can be abused obviously and it's a danger to the health of people," McClendis said.

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