Former school custodian sentenced on sexual battery charges

Former school custodian sentenced on sexual battery charges

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A former custodian at Richmond County schools was sentenced to two years in prison after pleading guilty Thursday to two counts of sexual battery.

Reginald Price was also sentenced to seven years of probation after his two-year prison sentence.

"I feel relieved because I still have a younger daughter that's in middle school and I wouldn't want this to happen to her. Not only her but no other child," said Mary Lambert, the mother of one of the victims.

Lambert and Kimberly Palmer shared a hug after a morning of emotional testimony. The two didn't know each other prior to today but they have a commonality: both of their young daughters said Price touched them inappropriately."

"She dreaded this day to come because she was going to have to face her accuser again but all at the same time she was ready and I was ready because this needed to end," Lambert said.

Reginald Price worked as a custodian at both Murphey Middle School and C.T. Walker Magnet, where the two alleged incidents took place.

"When it happened to the first child, obviously they didn't care and what they did, moved him on to another school. From the part time janitor to a full time janitor," Lambert said.

The Richmond County School System fired Price in September 2013 and revealed the he had lied on his application. Price had been accused of sexually harassing yet another middle-school-aged child while working in Aiken county schools prior.

"He got away with it so many times and this time justice is served," said Palmer.

While the parents of the victims wouldn't say if they were going to sue the Richmond County School Board, their message to parents and minors is loud and clear.

"If anyone has ever did anything to you, speak up because justice has been served today and you will be heard," Palmer said. "There are people out there who care about you and who will take your side."

While Price is on probation, he will not be allowed to have contact with any female under the age of 18, including his daughter.

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