School board finds no wrongdoing in fraudulent grade change investigation

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Richmond County School Superintendent Dr. Frank Roberson says there is no truth to claims of fraudulent grade changes at Lucy C. Laney High School.

"At this particular stage in our investigation we have no unethical practices at this particular point," Roberson said.  "A couple of days ago it was brought to my attention that there were concerns about grades being changed and there were concerns the data clerk had."

In documents obtained by WFXG several grade changes are noticed. Some improving significantly, like this one that moves a student grade from 0 to 70. 

Roberson said they immediately began an investigation on the claim that nearly 100 graduating seniors had altered grades but he wasn't able to go into much detail.

"Given the personnel nature of it, I can't speak specifics of that because it's a personnel issue," said Roberson.

What he could share was there was no wrongdoing on the part of Dr. Tonia Mason, the former Laney High School Principal, who retired recently because of another investigation .

"Nothing points to any misconduct on her on her part as principal," Roberson said. "There's a standard procedure that is employed in this school system, related to grade adjustments, and based on our review those procedures were followed."

Roberson said there are a few more people they must interview to close the investigation.

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