Savannah Riverkeeper addresses toxic concerns

Savannah Riverkeeper addresses toxic concerns

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A recent report by Environment Georgia has some people on edge about the state of the Savannah River.

"Absolutely, the Savannah River is the number three on that list when it comes to the amount of toxins," said Tonya Bonitatibus, Savannah Riverkeeper.

She said the river got to that position most likely because of waste being generated just south of Augusta.

"We are talking about mercury, we are talking about nitrates, and phosphates, the same stuff you put in fertilizer," Bonitatibus said. "But it really has a bad effect on the water."

But despite the not so flattering ranking, the river remains a source of weekend fun for kayakers and anglers.

"Once it gets further down south past the plants, that's when it starts getting dirty," said Cole Watkins, who owns a namesake kayak business. "Up here it's clean, it comes right out of the lake - it's still fun."

The Riverkeeper said this should serve as a wake up call for the long term health of our waterways.

"We're using it too much," said Bonitatibus. "We've got people that are using it and not using the best technology. They're discharging too much."

Check out this page for a copy of Environment Georgia's full report.

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