Barrow holds town hall, talks about VA secretary visit

Rep. John Barrow held a town hall meeting Saturday, and talked to WFXG's Nick Lulli about the acting VA secretary's visit this week.

"He came at my request," explained Barrow. "I specifically asked the director of the OMB to have him come here because I don't want all the action in Phoenix to divert attention away from the problems we've been disclosing and uncovering for quite some time now."

Barrow said it sends a positive message to patients and the community to have the high-ranking official come and reassure that everything will be taken care of.

"What the acting secretary did was come and talk to folks on the scene," said Barrow. "But we also got some positive steps - but this is not a permanent fix for what's wrong with the VA."

Secretary Sloan Gibson promised the years of lack of care being swept under the rug are over.

"Resources either in the emergency department, or elsewhere in primary care clinics, are being made available to ensure that veterans are being seen," said Gibson.

Now this latest visit came on the heels of Barrow meeting with a reported 300 veterans who also had concerns.

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