Richmond Co. administrators could soon have limited terms

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Richmond County Board of Education is discussing the idea of giving school administrators a 3-year period to improve student academic performance.

"This gives the principals the opportunity to take a look at what's really going on inside their school and inside those classrooms and make the necessary changes," said Monique Braswell, who is planning to run for the school board in November.

With the new plan the principals of under-performing Richmond County schools could face termination if the school doesn't improve.

"I've always said our school system can definitely improve," Braswell said, who has 4 kids in Richmond County schools. "It all comes with the leadership and with these types of policy coming in to place, I think it's a great thing."

If the school board approves this system, they will implement a student academic improvement tool, a model in which Dr. Frank Roberson presented to the board this week. This model will be used to determined if the administration will be demoted.

"These are some of the changes that Dr. Robinson had he not gotten sick, and had a long leave of absence, would have put into place regardless," Braswell said.

While this may be a step in the right direction, some parents suggest that an under-performing school can't be blamed solely on the principal.

"No one principal is failing the school all by themselves. There's a lot of other things that they have to take into account," said Braswell.

The board voted to discuss the potential period limit during an upcoming commission committee meeting.

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