Prices of food at the grocery store on the rise

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food prices saw its largest increase in almost three years causing wallets across the country to take a hit at the grocery store.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics added that five of the six major grocery store food groups increased prices just in May. Shoppers here in Augusta told us, they've noticed.

"Meats, eggs, milk," said Shelly Garnett.

"Specifically, I feel like milk has gone out of the roof, meat has definitely gone up," Dameon Clay said.

According  to  the  USDA,  long-­term  drought  on  a  national  level  has  forced  ranchers  to  thin  their livestock  herds  to  the  lowest  level  in  decades, driving up the price of beef and milk. Clay has three children and he said it's costing more to feed his family. That's why he and his wife put more thought into their grocery shopping strategies.

"We try to do our bulk shopping at places like Sam's and places like that to allow us to buy in bulk," Clay said. "We have a few kids in the house so we have to keep them fed. It just benefits us financially."

Shelly Garnett has a different approach. She shops at different places, searching for the best deals.

"I try to compare the prices between Kroger and BiLo," Garnett said. "You try to maintain and try to stretch your groceries to last until you get paid."

Experts said the current drought in California could cause fruit and vegetable prices to soar next. For the sake of their families and their wallets, Clay and Garnett hope that experts are wrong.

Because of the drought, industry  group  California  Farm  Water  Coalition said  lost  revenue  for  farming  and  associated  businesses  like  trucking  and  processing  could  reach  $5  billion  in  2014  alone. Click here for more food saving tips.

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