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Germany expels top US intelligence official

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel said allies spying on each other is a waste of energy. (Source: FOX) German Chancellor Angela Merkel said allies spying on each other is a waste of energy. (Source: FOX)

LONDON (FOX) - The diplomatic fight between Germany and the U.S. escalated on Thursday with German Chancellor Angela Merkel expelling the top U.S. intelligence official in her country.

The German government said it has not been getting the cooperation it needs from the NSA.

"The government has ordered the representative of the U.S. intelligence agencies here in Germany to leave the country as a reaction to the ongoing failure to cooperate to resolve the various allegations, starting with the NSA and up to the latest incidents," said Clemens Binniger, chairman of a parliamentary committee that oversees intelligence services.

Merkel criticized the U.S. intelligence community for what she calls a breach of faith among allies.

"Spying on allies is a waste of energy in the end. We have so many problems, and I think we should concentrate on the essentials," she said.

The Obama administration is still refusing to confirm or deny the spying allegations.

A spokesperson for the National Security Council said "our security and intelligence relationship with Germany is a very important one and it keeps Germans and Americans safe."

Meanwhile in London, Prime Minister David Cameron is mustering support for new laws that would allow British intelligence agencies to monitor and retain cell phone data in the same way the NSA does.

"Failure to act now would fundamentally undermine our capability to counter a range of threats to the safety of our citizens, and I will not stand by and let that happen," Cameron said.

One man in Germany has been arrested and another is under investigation.

They're suspected of working for U.S. intelligence agencies.

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