Father, son wanted after domestic situation in Aiken Monday

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - Ernest Simpkins and his son Jalen Simpkins haven't been seen since Monday, after Aiken Officers said a domestic dispute began between Ernest and his ex-wife Jeanine Simpkins.

"He was following his ex-wife," Detective Jeremy Hembree with the Aiken Department of Public Safety said. "When she turned onto Kershaw Street, he continued to follow her and then used his vehicle to pass her and block her in. He ended up getting into her vehicle and then after a short time he got out of her vehicle. She immediately went to the sheriff's office to report what happened and he left the scene shortly after."

Detective Hembree said an officer saw Ernest driving towards Graniteville a short time later.

"Our officers attempted to stop the vehicle on Jefferson Davis Highway just outside of the city," Detective Hembree said. "The vehicle continued until it stopped in Graniteville. The driver jumped out and left on foot."

That's when officers said Jalen Simpkins came to the traffic stop and said he was the driver. But ADPS said they weren't buying it.

"We knew that to be false," Detective Hembree said. "The officer observed him and knew it wasn't the same person. We believe he was trying to draw the attention away to aid in his father's escape."

Investigators tried to arrest Jalen after he pushed one of the officers to the ground, but he ended up running away on foot.

Police said now they're focused on finding the two men and finding out what happened when Ernest went into his ex-wife's car.

"Were there any threats made or any abuse? We're still working on determining what the reason was for entering the vehicle," Detective Hembree said. "We would like to know where they are. They have ties to the Aiken area and Graniteville Community, so we're expecting them to be here."

A warrant is out for Ernest on harassment charges, reckless driving and failure to stop for blue lights and siren. Jalen is wanted for obstructing justice and resisting arrest with bodily injury.

Crimestoppers is offering a cash reward of up one thousand dollars for any information leading to an arrest. Ernest had an outstanding warrant already with the sheriff's office for violating an order of protection. He also had a previous conviction for the same thing.

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