Burn Foundation Friends raises money for free housing

Burn Foundation Friends raises money for free housing

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Southeastern Firefighter's Burn Foundation at Doctor's Hospital of Augusta is starting up their Burn Foundation Friends campaign. This fundraiser helps raise money so people can stay in Augusta while their loved ones are being treated in the burn center.

Shaneka Goldwire has been in Augusta since January, and was extremely emotional as she spoke about the moment that changed her and her fiance's lives.

"When he was raking up the trash, the kerosene jug got overheated. When he went to go pick it up, it exploded all over his body," she says. 

Shaneka and her fiance came to Doctor's Hospital from Savannah to treat the burns that covered 95% of his body.

Shaneka has been staying at the Chavis House, a place where family members of burn victims can stay for free while their loved ones recover.

Bobbie Jo Gainey with the Southeastern Firefighter's Burn Foundation says the house is a relief for people who come form out of town and need a place to stay.

"A lot of our families, whenever they get here, they're in extreme distress. You know sometimes they often come and they don't even pack a suitcase. They come with the clothes on their back and they're really worried about their loved one," she says. 

Shaneka says staying at the retreat has provided her with a support system while her fiance recovers.

"It's awesome being here at the retreat and meeting new people," Shaneka says.

"The guests they become, you know, a second family to them," Gainey says. 

For anyone that comes through the Chavis House, Shaneka has some words of encouragement.

"You've just gotta keep on praying and don't give up. It's gonna be hard for a minute but you'll get through it," she says.

The Burn Foundation Friends Blitz is going on now to help raise money for the Chavis House, and if you would like to donate to the campaign click here. For more information on the Chavis House and the services it offers, click here.

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