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Obama faces challenges across globe

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Turmoil following a presidential runoff in Afghanistan threatens to derail crucial security agreements, the head of NATO says. (Source: FOX) Turmoil following a presidential runoff in Afghanistan threatens to derail crucial security agreements, the head of NATO says. (Source: FOX)

WASHINGTON, DC (FOX) - Afghanistan could be close to a political crisis over a disputed election.

The U.S. attorney general is warning about westerners fighting in Syria.

And Ukraine says new cease-fire negotiations will happen only after pro-Russian separatists lay down their arms.

Those are just some of the foreign policy challenges facing President Barack Obama.

A suicide bombing near the Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan reportedly killed four NATO soldiers.

At the White House, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said instability in Afghanistan including discord over the results of last month's elections could jeopardize western security commitments.

"The fact is that we will be faced with major problems if we do not have a new president inaugurated by the time of our summit, because in that case, we will probably not have signed the necessary security agreements. And without security agreements, there will be no deployment," Rasmussen said on Tuesday.

With the Israeli-Palestinian conflict intensifying and the reclusive head of ISIS, the Sunni insurgency in Iraq, boldly releasing his first video, the Obama administration is hoping to make an impact in the theater where ISIS gained its strength with fresh deliveries of weapons headed to the so-called vetted, moderate opposition forces in Syria.

At the same time, during a speech in Norway, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder urged European governments to do more to detect the budding jihadists in their midst before they join the battle in Syria and morph into homeland security threats.

"Because our citizens can travel freely, VISA-free from the United States to Norway and other European states and vice versa, the problem of fighters returning to any of our countries is a problem for all of our countries," Holder said.

In Vienna, the U.S. and its partners in the P5-plus-1 nuclear talks with Iran are said to have found agreement on no major issue with the Islamic regime.

And French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Russia now has a "different approach" from the others.

The state department denied that.

"There have been concerns expressed in the past, actually the last round we had, by France. And the P5-plus-1 remains united through the process," said State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki.

Finally the U.S. is looking to mend fences with Bahrain, the Sunni ally in the Persian Gulf that is home to our Navy's Fifth Fleet, after the government there expelled an assistant secretary state for meeting with a Shiite opposition group.

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