Another Doug Nelson case goes back before a judge

EVANS, GA (WFXG) - It's a matter that this mom claims was made worse by Doug Nelson's involvement as a guardian ad litem.

You first head from her in April.

"I couldn't believe it," the mom said, in an April interview. "I'm not easily offended, I've worked around a lot of men, single handedly, and being in the military, sexual harassment, and all that, and I knew clearly what it was."

She was one of a few parents who claimed Nelson was inappropriate with them and mishandled their cases. In this case, the mom said he hugged her a little too closely, stroking her arm and back.

But on Tuesday, before she could bring that up, the case was continued by Superior Court Judge J. Wade Padgett.

Judge Padgett said before the case moves forward, he wants to hear from witnesses to the mom's claims her ex-husband allegedly drank around the children.

Those allegations are denied by the father's attorney, Andy Tisdale.

"What she saw from a distance was what appeared to be beer, which he will testify to was mountain dew," said Tisdale.

Nevertheless, Judge Padgett said he looks forward to hearing whatever the truth may be out of all of this.

"I want to know the truth in this case. Not the twists, I want to know the truth. I want to know what the witness saw."

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