Animal shelters expecting high numbers of lost dogs from the weekend

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - If you're looking for a pet lost over the weekend, animal shelters across the area say you're probably not the only one. The Aiken County Animal Shelter said more pets go missing over the Fourth of July weekend than any other time of year.

Chief Enforcement Officer Bobby Arthurs said fireworks are partly to blame.

"A lot of them get lost from home because of the fireworks,"Arthurs said. "Pop, pop, bang, bang boom. They leave, get scared and run away."

But Arthurs said this isn't out of the ordinary. He said it happens every year.

"What happens during this time of year is the whole neighborhood is starting to shoot off fireworks and the dogs will run, then keep running and they won't stop," he said.

He said the best case scenario is the pet ends up at someone's house. He recommends that pet owners check homes nearby first.

But Arthurs said another place to check is the local animal shelter.

"It costs money to redeem your animals and it costs us money to house your animals, so it's a win win deal if you do that,"Arthurs said.

Arthurs said there isn't much room in the shelters. Most are already operating at full capacity. See a list of CSRA animal shelters here.

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