RCSO looking for two armed robbery suspects

RCSO looking for two armed robbery suspects

LINCOLN COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - The Richmond County Sheriff's Office is looking for two men who robbed three people at gunpoint early Friday morning in an apartment on Wheeler Rd.

According to an incident report, deputies were responding to a call at another apartment in the area when one of the victims ran outside saying he had been robbed, and that the suspects were still close by.

One man who lives in the apartment complex, and wishes to remain anonymous, says crime in the area is a problem, and it's something the police and residents need to fix.

"I mean obviously it's pretty bad and we've been facing some problems here," he says.

According to an incident report from the Richmond County Sheriff's Office, two men armed with an A-K 47 and a handgun entered an unlocked apartment and forced the three victims to lay down in the living room and demanded money.

The man we spoke to has only lived here for a few months, but says the area needs some help to eliminate the crime.

"As a resident of this area, we're trying everything to bring this area up but we do need more police presence," he says.

Deputies were responding to an incident in a neighboring apartment, when the suspects noticed them and fled the scene.  That's when one of the victims notified the police, and they chased after the suspects. After police investigated the area, they found the A-K 47 in the driveway of a nearby house.

The resident says even a slight increase in patrol would help keep the area in better shape.

"If the police patrol and they do it frequently here, you know, we can avoid all these robberies and all that. It is just because nobody is looking over this area that all this is happening," he says.

He urges everyone in the community to step up and help fight the crime that's bringing down the area.

"Anything going on, the first thing is, you know, instead of avoiding it, just pick up the phone and let the police know what's going on and get help from the police," he says.

The suspects are both described as two men around 5'9" with a slender to medium build, and both we wearing white t-shirts. They were last seen by deputies heading down Burdshaw Ln. to Mt. Auburn St.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Richmond County Sheriff's Office at 706-821-1000.

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