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Dogs being stolen in an Evansville neighborhood

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A warning is being shared with other Evansville dog owners that neighbors on the southeast side say dogs have been disappearing over the past few weeks.

People living in the area near Covert and Cass say over the past few weeks six or seven dogs have gone missing. 

Tom Littlepage, the neighborhood association's president, says one dog has since been returned but the rest haven't been found.
Littlepage and other neighbors believe someone is specifically targeting canines that are full-blooded breeds.

One person says they let their dog outside in the late evening so it could go to the bathroom and when they came back out to let the dog in it was gone.

Littlepage says they've notified Evansville police who are now looking into the situation but in the meantime he's asking neighbors to keep a watchful eye on their pets. 

"If you put your dog outside, don't just leave it outside,"says Littlepage. "You know, sort of watch it, you can watch from the window, but definitely don't leave it outside for a long period of time, and if it's dark. I would not take my dog outside without supervision at all because at this point, you know, this guy is getting away with it, so until we get 'em caught, just stay with your animal."

Littlepage and other neighbors believe the person responsible probably lives in the area. 

Anyone with any information is asked to call police. 

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