Downtown celebrating First Friday and the Fourth of July

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - First Friday and the Fourth of July brought tons of people downtown, like Alexis Colston. She grew up in Augusta, but moved away to Atlanta. Still Colston said she never misses the firework show.

'Every year I watch them," Colston said. "Every year I come here for the fourth, so I love it. First Friday gets crazy down here."

Businesses like 1102 Downtown Bar and Grill were ready for the crowds. One owner said they had been preparing days in advance for ID checks.

"It's a holiday so everyone wants to have fun, but let's be responsible," a co-owner of 1102 Downtown Bar and Grill said.

Linda Runnerstrom was here from Texas visiting her son Aaron, who just recently moved to the area.

"We're going to be watching fireworks on the river," Runnerstrom said.

A World War II vet said the Fourth of July to him is more than parties and fireworks.

"It's independence. We're settled. We got our freedom and we're independent,"WWII Vet Paul Sweeney said.

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