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Multiple Hwy. 41 accidents concern officials

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The first accident happened at the intersection of US 41 and state road 168.

The traffic caused by that first accident contributed to the second accident but officials say drivers still need to be careful when they're driving along this portion of 41.

US 41 is contained by two lights in Fort Branch, one on the north end and one on the south end, and in between those two lights the speed limit drops from 60 to 50 miles per hour.  

Gibson County Sheriff George Ballard says the reduced speed is mostly helpful but it can also be hazardous for unfamiliar drivers. 

"It's not unusual to sit there at 168 and 41 through three light changes just because it is bumper to bumper and backed up," says Ballard. "So there if it was a really low speed and you are from away from here and you don't realize it is going to drop down really significantly you could have another rear end accident."

A van rear ended a semi truck on 41 yesterday.  Speed was not the issue there but Ballard says it often contributes to a lot of other accidents in the area. 

Ballard says, "they went to 50 so people would pay a little more attention because there are crossroads through there."

Crossroads that some people in the area say add more challenges to 41.

Ballard says if you are out and about on this busy holiday weekend be careful and play close attention to the roads.

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