Advocacy group presents evidence of wrong-doing by court system to Barrow

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Armed with a binder full of documents and passion in their voices, Augusta-based Stop Parental Bullying pressed U.S. Rep. John Barrow to look into their allegations of wrong-doing in the family court system.

"We would like to work with your office in presenting evidence to expose what is going on in the family court system," Randy Effler said.

The group has been working with Atlanta-based My Advocate Center to push for reform.

"An active duty soldier, that has been caught up in Korea, and was forced back from Korea to handle this craziness of lies," described Tina Wright.

It's the same soldier who accused now former magistrate judge and guardian ad litem Doug Nelson of touching her inappropriately in a WFXG investigation we brought to you in April.

"And then he puts his hand on my back, starts rubbing my back, all the way down to my bottom - as in, my rear. And I'm like, this is no way for a guardian ad litem to be carrying himself with nobody."

The group said they've been disappointed with how officials locally have handled the cases.

"If they're not acting the way they should, sometimes there is jurisdiction on part of the federal government to step in when they are incapable of acting for some reason," Barrow said.

He said the group should now take the same evidence they gave him to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Requests for comments from Doug Nelson for this story were unreturned.

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