More travelers expected on roadways for this holiday weekend

More travelers on roadways expected for this holiday weekend

AIKEN COUNTY, SC (WFXG) - If you plan on traveling this weekend, you are not alone.

Millions are expected to travel for the Fourth of July weekend, starting Thursday.

"It's going to be a busy travel weekend," said Lnc. Cpl. Judd Jones with the S.C. Highway Patrol. "A lot of people on the roadways."

AAA is predicting a 1.9 percent increase in travel this weekend, compared to last year.

They say 41 million travelers will visit locations more than 50 miles from their homes.   

"Some people take this week and incorporate it into their vacation," Jones said. "So it's just going to be extra traffic on the roads. People have to be extra vigilant while they're out there."

And with more drivers on the roadways, there is a greater chance for wrecks.

"Our leading cause of fatalities on our roadways are alcohol-related crashes. We know it's a long weekend," Jones said. "People are going to be at the lake, going to the beach, having a good time but you have to make sure you do it responsibly."

Jones also warned there are often a lot of drivers and passengers who will not be wearing their seat belts, which is an added danger.

"You have to make sure you wear your seat belt, each and every time you get in the car and slow down and exercise just a little bit of patience," Jones said.

Deputies will also be focusing on impaired and aggressive drivers.

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