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Officials urging everyone to be careful around fireworks this weekend


CSRA resident Kenny Walter said he won't be buying fireworks this Fourth of July.

"Fireworks are fun, but you can always watch them when they're shot off by professionals," Walter said. "I don't see the need in doing it yourself. I think they're dangerous."

Richmond County deputies agreed, and said one of the reasons they're dangerous is the weather outside.

"We live in a lot of areas this time of year that are dry and the last thing we need is brush fires," Lt. Lewis Blanchard said.

Deputies said they've dealt with brush fires, burnt hands and tons of calls from neighbors in the past.

"They're afraid for their own home," Blanchard said. "What if their home were to catch on fire because of the fireworks other people were lighting off?"

Neighbors aren't the only ones who could come knocking at your door.

"A citation could be up to $1,000 and a fine," Blanchard said.

Walter said he'll avoid that and leave it to the experts.

"I would prefer to not have fireworks around children," Walter said. "I think it would be better to handle around professionals."

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