High 5 4 Kids: Hannah Elser

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WFXG) - "People don't understand how really cool it is," said Hannah Elser, "how much stuff you can do."

The 16-year-old was about her passions: math and science, which includes building things.

"This is what I did," Elser said as she explained her creation. "It's just a pair of normal converse. I attached some LEDs. It's hooked up to this pad," she continued. "Whenever I stepped down the pressure pad senses it, it's been programmed to do that, this will light up red. It's more or less sketchers, honestly, they're really cool and you built them on your own."

These are the kind of projects her dad encourages.

"I tend to believe she's a normal kid that has just read so much that she's more educated, self-educated, than average," said Ed Elser.

In fact, Elser helped start the Young Makers of Augusta group, that meets periodically, to work on different projects.

"It's all different stuff, really," Elser said. "Recently we were doing CO2 race cars. We've previously worked with arduino, which is programming. It's a whole variety of stuff and it's interesting."

Elser now plans to take her passion overseas. She will be studying in Switzerland as an exchange student for the upcoming school year.

"I got into a math and science school in Switzerland and I'm really eager to go."

And when she's not making her own shoes that light up or helping to decode some complex commute program, Elser is just being an average teenager.

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