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Sleepy Hollow's Orlando Jones headlining comedy show in Wilmington

Orlando Jones swept Frances Weller off her feet. (Source: WECT) Orlando Jones swept Frances Weller off her feet. (Source: WECT)

Fans in Wilmington will get a chance to see Sleepy Hollow's Orlando Jones in action, when Jones headlines a stand-up comedy event featuring Alex Scott and local comedian Reid Clark.

He discovered Clark in Wilmington.

"I'm an internet junkie so I am always trolling around," he said. "Somebody here told me about this kid who was really funny. And there's a few sketch comedy groups that I've seen and I thought he was hilarious."

The Greenville, South Carolina native said he loves having the opportunity to help out young comics.

"I vividly remember performing and trying stuff out and being this kid in South Carolina and trying to get to the big time, I guess, so for me I have a real connection with that," he said.

He describes what kind of comedy fans can expect at the show.

"My intention is to always tell a story and to make somebody laugh and to entertain and to communicate something cool about the human spirit," he said.

There will be two shows on July 12 at TheatreNOW, taking place at 7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

To find out how to purchase tickets, click here:

Jones is currently filming the second season of Sleepy Hollow in Wilmington.

When the first season ended, the five main characters found themselves in perilous positions and the second horseman of the apocalypse was resurrected in Sleepy Hollow.

Jones said that means it's about to get more dangerous.

"We are trying our best to save this town and this world, but these horseman…and the new one's got a head so there's a whole ‘nother set of problems," he said. "It was one thing to be dealing with a headless horseman, but now this dude can see. This guy is going to be a real problem. He has two eyes. It's going to be a problem."

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