Summer brings an increase in potential burns

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - With children home for the summer and many families gathering outdoors for holidays like Independence Day, the risk of getting burned or injured is on the rise, just like the temperature.

Officials at the Still Burn Center said anyone exposed to flames or hot surfaces can get burned, but two groups have the highest risk: children and the elderly.

The most obvious agents of burning are open flames, stoves and BBQ grills but other things to look out for include fireworks or hot metal found in places like a playground.

Doctors expressed the importance of making sure you know the different types of burns.

"There's first degree burns, where the skin is red," said Dr. Fred Mullins, medical director of Burn Center at Doctors Hospital. "It's tender but it usually fades over several hours or 24 hours. When it starts blistering, that's more of a second degree burn. When that happens you lose your skin integrity and it makes you more prone to infection. Seeking medical help is a good idea then. If you have a third degree burn, it doesn't hurt. It kills the nerve and turns into an area of leather. So it doesn't hurt but it's dead tissue and needs to be addressed."

If you or your family experience any types of these burns, Dr. Mullins said it's important not to use ice when trying to cool them. If the burns look severe, seek medical attention immediately.

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