Retaliation cases against VA being examined

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Federal authorities are looking into four retaliation cases against the Department of Veteran Affairs after whistle blowers within the department say they've been wrongly punished.

The US Office of Special Counsel is investigating cases after workers say they were fired for reporting concerns within the VA facilities.

Workers in the VA say they were punished after reporting concerns in areas like scheduling, understaffing, and other patient care issues in the facility.

There are four cases being investigated here in Georgia, including one here in Augusta, and 60 cases nationally.

Now last year the Augusta VA reported just over 45 hundred consultations were delayed and three cancer related deaths resulted from unscheduled referrals.

Congressman John Barrow says he's glad Congress is finally taking a look at some of the problems he feels have been present for a while now.

"The good news is that congress has finally been shaken from its lethargy by the scandal that has emerged system wide. This problem has been simmering and has been hiding in plain sight for a long time now because a lot of good care is offered on a daily basis, and the system is so big that it's impossible to tell whether an individual case of neglect or malpractice is just an individual case, or whether it's symptomatic of something much  broader," he says.

This is a case we will continue to follow as new developments are released.

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