Budget cuts could hit thousands of military jobs in Georgia

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Budget cuts in Washington could cost Georgia thousands of military jobs, according to a new report released by the Army.

According to the Associated Press, the Army is predicting the worst case scenario regarding what the Pentagon will have to do if congress and the president can't agree on a budget.

Up to 4,600 jobs at Fort Gordon, up to 16,000 Soldier and civilian jobs at Fort Stewart in Savannah and as many as 10,800 jobs at Fort Benning in Columbus could all be cut.

Civilians who have seen Augusta grow thanks to Fort Gordon believe the cuts will affect everyone.

"Less stuff in the military means less of everything around here," David Story said. "Fort Gordon has caused the area to build up around it."

According to the AP, the income loss for Georgia could go up to $1.7 billion dollars.

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