Senior project looks at the Humans of Augusta

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - You may have heard of the blog Humans of New York, where one man interviews people about their lives and gives the public an inside look at the lives of New Yorkers.

This social media sensation inspired high school seniors Benjamin Frohman and Alexandra Helfgott to do the same thing here in Augusta. The pair say they set out to document people in the CSRA because of the message Humans of New York sends out.

"The message he sends on each picture is so different and it's so inspirational," says Frohman.

The two have been photographing and interviewing people for just over a week and have gone to places like parks, restaurants, and the Augusta Pride celebrations.

Humans of Augusta is Benjamin's senior project, but it's also a way of re-connecting with old friends.

"We attended middle school and elementary school together, so we're doing this as a way to rekindle our friendship," says Helfgott.

Benjamin and Alexandra started several social media sites, including a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so people can follow along as they learn more about the people who help make Augusta so unique.

And with each interview, they learn more stories that have inspired them to have a new outlook on life.

"All people are different and more are open than others, and they all have stories, so it's always so different," says Benjamin.

"Everybody has a story, and a lot of times we have our own problems, so we don't focus on other people. So it just is a reminder to slow down and appreciate the people around you, and remember that they have things going on in their lives too," says Alexandra.

The two will keep interviewing people into the school year, and will continue to be able to show the city the stories of the people that help make up Augusta.

To keep up with Benjamin and Alexandra as they continue the project, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram and Twitter with the username @humansofaugusta.

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