New app scans Facebook friends for sex offenders

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A new Facebook is out that allows people to scan their friends and friend requests for registered sex offenders.

The app is called FriendVerifier and was launched in March 2012. The app scans Facebook friends and matches the users based on the names, location, and date of birth to people in the national database of registered sex offenders.

So far over seven million people have scanned their Facebook friends, and mom Melodie White says she likes the concept of the app, especially for teenagers.

"I think it would be really good especially for my stepdaughter. She's in high school and she's about to go to college, so I think that would be a great opportunity to find out, as far as her friends and who she associates with," White says.

The free app is available now. Click here for a video about the app and here for a link to the app.

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