Meth lab busts becoming a trend in Richmond County

Meth lab busts becoming a trend in Richmond County

LINCOLN COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Two people are behind bars after narcotics investigators found a meth lab in their home on Yates Dr. Amanda Hancock and Robert Watts are being charged with making meth, meth trafficking, and manufacturing meth in the presence of children.

A woman who lives on Yates Dr says she saw a lot of people going to the house, which gave her a bad feeling.

"I always had a feeling that something was going on, I just didn't know that it was to that extent of meth though," she says.

Narcotics investigator Sgt. Allan Rollins say this is the twelfth meth lab busted since April of this year in Richmond County, and that's just scratching the surface.

"That sounds like a significant number, but there are more of them out there, and we know they're out there, and we just have to go out and find them," he says. 

Rollins says meth is becoming more common because of how easy it is to set up shop.

"They're so easy to build and to make methamphetamine to start with. They have instructions on the internet for it so it's not that difficult," says Rollins. 

The neighbor says she's glad investigators shut the house down.

"That house right there was a very dangerous house and it was unbelievable how many kids be at that house every day," she says.

Officials are asking the community to step up and help shut down meth labs.

"We can't be out here 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They live right across the street and see it," he says.

Narcotics investigators encourage anyone with any sort of information to contact them as soon as they can. To report any suspicious activity, you can call 706-828-DRUG (3784), visit the Richmond County Sheriff's Office Narcotics division tip site or visit like the Facebook page.

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