Flooding from storms prompts concern

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The rain came down fast and furious, and it just as quickly started filling up low lying areas late Tuesday night.

"If we had, let's just say a little bit more than we'd had last night, then you could have a situation where you have roads that are washed out," said Columbia Co. EMA Director Pam Tucker.

She said she got no reports of any major flooding damage from the batch of storms that moved through.

But check out how some of the roads looked - rainwater with nowhere to go - inundating some streets throughout parts of Columbia, Richmond, and Aiken Counties.

"The drainage system, any drainage system, is just not going to be able to carry all that off quickly," said Tucker. "So it's going to back up. So you're going to have ponding of the water on the roads, you're going to have some ditches overflowing."

Tucker said it's critical you monitor any issuance of a flash flood warning - and heed the advice you're given.

"It is not ever worth it," said Tucker. "You know, if you come up on water like that, stop...you know, the saying is, turn around, don't drown. And that's what you need to keep in the back of your head."

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