Fort Gordon hosts business forum

FORT GORDON, GA (WFXG) - The process can be challenging, but these folks are trying to make it easier.

"We want to provide transparency to the acquisition process, to assure industries are aware of what we have going on the installation in terms of procurements," said Rufus Gates.

And with all the new development at Fort Gordon, officials foresee a lot of opportunities.

"Absolutely, we've gotten a steady stream of people coming in," said Nancy Cleveland. "They're reading, they're learning, they want to understand more about upcoming opportunities here, especially with the cyber command moving here."

And even the federal Small Business Administration is stepping up to make sure everyone gets a fair shot at business out on the fort.

"Help and assist the businesses to get help with whatever area of assistance they need," said Joann Braxton. "If it's business development, or applying to the certifications, loan products, etc."

That help could come in handy with the big dollar amount on the line.

"We have approximately $165,000,000 in requirements in office right now," said Gates. "That's not to say all $165,000,000 will materialize, however, that is what we have tentatively in house right now."

Officials say it's an exciting time at Fort Gordon, and that excitement is expected to keep growing.

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