Harlem Police Dept adds 2 substations to increase visibility

HARLEM, GA (WFXG) - Some big changes are coming to the city of Harlem. The Harlem Police Department will be adding two new substations to better help with dealing with emergency situations and crime in general.

"This will certainly be advantageous for us because the officers can be in the street and do some of their paperwork," Police Chief Gary Jones said.

Jones said the substations will make the police on his staff more apparent.

"It's all about visibility and accessibility and it's all about making those who work in those areas and shop in those areas feel safe," Jones said.

The substations will be in either direction of the central public safety office, located in downtown Harlem.

"One is going to be at a Quality Trailers, which is located on the west end of the city and the other will be in a store called It's A Man's Place, which is at the east end of the city," Jones said.

Local business owners will be donating the office spaces for the Harlem Police Department to use.

Chief Jones said this move is not because of any recent crime trend.

"This is not a reaction to any increase crime," Jones said. "It's just a proactive response to engage the public more so than we have now."

Chief Jones also said that the only cost associated with the substations will be the signs outside, and that will be paid for by seized drug money that the department has collected.

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