Jack Kingston stops in Augusta

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Campaigning isn't quite over for Jack Kingston. The current US representative stopped in Augusta on Tuesday evening for a fundraising event, as he tries for a seat in the Georgia senate.

Supporters came to Fat Man's Cafe to greet Kingston, and his wife Libby, and hear him speak. Kingston said the campaign has been going well so far.

"We're working very really hard. We feel good about it," Kingston said. "I'm talking about a strong national offense, fiscal responsibility and jobs. We're working on the deepening of the Savannah River, which helps the Columbia - Richmond County area and I've represented 5 out of our 8 military installations. So, I'm very enthusiastic about the cyber security mission for Fort Gordon."

Jack Kingston will face off against fellow candidate David Perdue for the republican nominee in the July 22 runoff.

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