Woman cited after neglected dogs are found in her backyard

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - Aiken Public Safety Officers removed two dogs Friday afternoon from a woman's house on Sommer Street as a precaution.

Thursday night, three dogs were removed from Latoya Chisolm's backyard after an officer spotted one of them malnourished and barley able to walk. The second dog was found dead in a cage and is believed to have died days before. The third was found chained away from food and water with cuts on its body.

Chisolm has been cited for animal cruelty. Neighbors said they're disgusted that she let it get that far.

"If you're not going to be responsible you need to give it to someone who is going to be responsible, although they're not human they still have feelings and they still need to be loved," Chris Roberson said.

The dogs found Thursday night were taken to the SPCA for food and water. Officers warn taking a dog there should be a last resort.

"Try to find someone you know who can care for it and who can provide the water and food it needs to live a healthy life," Lt. Karl Odenthal with ADPS said.