The Augusta Mini Theatre gets a new gift

The Augusta Mini Theatre gets a new gift

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - One Augusta performing arts company got a new set of wheels, on Wednesday, that they say will help to transport its students to and from performances.

The Augusta Mini Theatre unveiled its new 15-passenger van presented to them by Jesse and Kathy King, longtime supporters of the non-profit.

The total donation is valued at $29,000 as it includes insurance and extended warranty.

The Kings said they were familiar with the struggling company and that they were often asked to transport students with their personal cars.

"I know, personally, the struggle of the Augusta Mini Theater and we've always wanted to be able to do something for them," said Kathy King. "We donate every year but we wanted to do something different and instead of them calling to borrow one of the cars or van, Jesse decided I think we just need to get them a van."

King is an alumna of the Augusta Mini Theatre since its inception in 1975. She was an original member of the theatre's first dance troupe, the T-Bone express.

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