Robotic arms used for more precise surgery at Doctors Hospital

Robotic arms used for more precise surgery at Doctors Hospital

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - It looks like a video game but it is actually Dr. Christopher Hogan using robotic arms and a joystick, a new method used to perform surgeries.

"We have better stability and the ability to get better visualization," Hogan said.

The tiny robotic fingers are manipulated by a surgeon, who sits several yards away from the patient.

"They've taken the complexity out and it's made the surgery quite simpler," said Hogan.

It's called robotic surgery and over the last several years, it has become very popular. Patients at doctors hospital have the option to have this type of operation. Patients like George Singleton who said it was a pretty painless process.

"I heard about it but I've never talked to anyone that have had it done," Singleton said. "The way he and his staff explained it to me, I thought I'd maybe give it a try."

Dr. Hogan says the surgery has some advantages, like less pain, fewer side effects and only once cut.

"I make an incision that's two and a half centimeters and I make that and sort of hide it within the belly button," Hogan said.

And Singleton said he is happy with his decision.

"I haven't been having any problems," said Singleton. I've been eating well and been feeling pretty good. I'm back to work now."

Dr. Hogan also said less blood is lost during this procedure.

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