Augusta Warrior Project responds to veteran's claim

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Augusta Warrior Project reached out to WFXG on Wednesday in response to our report on a local veteran who claims he wasn't being helped.

We first introduced you to David Martin on Tuesday, a disabled veteran who said that his house is deteriorating and he's struggling to pay his bills. Martin told WFXG that he reached out to many organizations, and he hasn't been getting much help. The Augusta Warrior Project responded, and said that in the past few weeks, they've been assisting him with his job search, benefits, and even hand delivering him food.

"We've been helping him with his resume, getting him connected to job opportunities in the community that he's able to do," said Kim Elle, AWP's Executive Director. "Another one of my staff members is working with him on his benefits so that we can make sure that he gets the benefits that he's entitled to which will then help him from a financial prospective."

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