High 5 4 Kids: Preston Weaver

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - It's that time of week where we give a high 5 to an amazing kid in the CSRA. This week we're high fiving 6-year old Preston Weaver. Since birth, Weaver has battled cerebral palsy an epilepsy.

Weaver suffers from Lennox-gastaut form of epilepsy. His mom Valerie Weaver said he has about 80 seizures per day.

"He suffers from seizure disorder and he has cp. He's got daily life struggles but he handles it like a champ," said Valerie.

Preston's challenges grew even more difficult after an inferno ripped through his family's business.

"Last Friday night our family business caught on fire and everything in it was destroyed and Preston's wheelchair was in the building," Valerie said.

Preston's wheelchair costs over $6,000, and without it, his parents have to carry him everywhere.

"I can't carry him into a restaurant if we want to go out and eat dinner," Valerie said. "I can't carry him into a store if I need to run to Walmart and get groceries and go grocery shopping, they don't accommodate children like this. They don't have buggies that accommodate so without his wheelchair I'm just kind of stuck."  

Numotion, the company that issued his wheelchair heard about the fire, gave Preston a loaner wheelchair until Valerie finds out if their insurance will cover it. Valerie said regardless of all of the curve ball life throws at Preston he continues to persevere.

"He's just awesome all the way around and he just brings light to my life every single day," Valerie's said.

If you're interested in helping Preston get a new wheelchair, contact Traci Washington at traciwashington@wfxg.com or on Facebook.

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