An Appling veteran's emotional plea for help from the community

APPLING, GA (WFXG) - Veteran David Martin said he still doesn't know where to turn.

"I don't have the money because I just don't have it," Martin said.

WFXG Fox 54 interviewed the Appling veteran two weeks ago and while he was able to get a little help, he said the problems have gotten worse. On top of a home he said is crumbling, he said his electricity will be cut off on Wednesday because of a past-due balance.

"Degrees going up to 100 and they shut my electric off tomorrow," Martin said. "I don't know what I'm going to do."

To add insult to injury, Martin said he has reached out to several agencies says they have all turned him away.

"I've talked to the Augusta Warrior Project. I've talked to the VA, and I get nothing from them," Martin said. "They say 'We're sorry we can't help you,' or 'We'll get back in touch with you, to get in touch with somebody that can help you.' Not happening."

Martin said he cannot work full-time because of knee injuries, and the little money he does have goes to food and gas.

"We've applied for food stamps and they only gave us $28 a month," Martin said. "We can't live on that. Every little bit of money that we get, we put on food and to put gas in my truck to do little bitty jobs and it's just not working."

Martin said he and his wife, who is fully disabled, have had to write bounced checks repeatedly to maintain some kind of living. He hopes that someone would be kind enough to help him through this tough time.

We've reached out to the Augusta Warrior Project, but we haven't gotten a response just yet.

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