Paine College adding new security measures

Paine College adding new security measures

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Paine College officials are adding new security measures after a shooting on campus in May injured one student.

Starting July 1, all students, faculty and staff will wear a visible ID when on campus, officials announced during a news conference Monday. Visitors will also be required to wear an ID.

"If you're not a person apart of the campus or do not have identification, you will have to sign in," said Paine College President George C. Bradley, Jr. "We have certain components that are open and if someone walks through and we don't see that badge, that's an automatic red flag and at any time, if we're not familiar with you, we'll ask you if can identify yourself and if you don't have any purpose here, then we'll have to ask you to leave."

The college's police department is adding four more officers, Paine College President George C. Bradley said.

While the shootings are more recent, Paine College saw a handful of rapes in 2013. 24-hour surveillance and an increase police staff have been included to combat these kinds of events.

"And we do periodic checks on certain rooms," Bradley said. "When we get information that anyone is violating our weapons policy, we're going to review it."

Officials also announced during the news conference that the Paine College campus will be smoke-free starting July 1.

Bradley also said college leaders are planning to restructure the school over the next two years and save millions.

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