GA Supreme Court upholds man's murder conviction

GA Supreme Court upholds man's murder conviction

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - An Augusta man will remain behind bars for murder, despite his attempt to appeal his conviction and get a new trial.

The Supreme Court of Georgia upheld Lorenzo Dexter Lindsey's murder conviction and life sentence in connection with the 2002 shooting death of Marcus Taylor. Taylor was shot in the parking lot of a Citgo store on Aug. 8, 2002.

According to the supreme court, Lindsey plotted to kill Taylor as revenge because Taylor had testified against Lindsey in another case. Lindsey was later granted a retrial in that case and was acquitted of the charges.

But while he was in prison awaiting his second trial on those charges, Lindsey and two fellow inmates were plotting revenge against Taylor, according to the supreme court. When the men were released from prison, the plotting continued.

One of the other men shot Taylor and returned the weapon to Lindsey, according to the supreme court. Lindsey gave the man drugs and money as payment for killing Taylor.

A grand jury originally convicted Lindsey in 2002 of malice murder and criminal solicitation to commit murder in connection with Taylor's death, but the supreme court granted Lindsey a new trial in 2007. The new trial took place in 2009, and Lindsey was again convicted of both charges.

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