Professionals urge caution with insecticide

JEFFERSON COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Last week, a woman died shortly after inhaling toxic fumes from an insecticide.and now professionals and first responders are speaking out about the dangers of these types of chemicals.

A 58-year-old Waddle woman was killed from inhaling a toxic gas from an agricultural insecticide. Those fumes also sent three of her grandchildren to the hospital and shut down the Jefferson Hospital emergency room for hours. The chemicals were so dangerous, the hospital staff and first responders had to be decontaminated. Louisville fire chief Lamar Baxley responded to the hospital when the contaminate was discovered.
"It appears that it was not used correctly and the end result was not good," said Baxley.
A family member of the victim dispersed an agricultural insecticide called FUMITOXIN inside and under the home to kill insects. Baxley said when you're using any type of chemical, make sure you read the label.
"It's very, very important that whatever you use, read the label use it the way its supposed to be used and use extreme caution with it."
Aron Thomas, technical director of Advanced Services, has 20 years of pest control under his belt. He said Baxley is right.
"The product that was used in Jefferson County had a DANGER signal word and that carries a skull and crossbones to let you know that its really something that could be fatal if not used correctly," said Thomas.
He added that there are dangers that come with any substance that's used to kill insects and bugs, whether it's for a large farm, or for your home.
"This accident has showed us how vital it is," Thomas said. "The label is there for a reason. Using all these products in conjunction with the label is absolutely a must."

If there's something you're unsure about, look it up, or call a professional. Improper use of the chemicals can have deadly consequences.

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