Ugly recliner Father's Day contest winner: David Miller

AIKEN COUNTY, SC (WFXG) - As promised, for Father's Day, all of us here at WFXG chose a dad in the CSRA with the ugliest recliner, and surprised him with gifts for his special day.

The ugly recliner isn't the only reason we chose David Miller as our winner for our ugly recliner contest. He's an awesome dad too! He was shocked when we showed up at his door Father's Day morning bearing gift. His wife Chrissey entered him in our contest and orchestrated the whole thing.

"She always does stuff like this so it's almost expected now for her to do something unexpected but this was kind of over the top," said Miller.

He won a watch from Floyd and Green, Aiken's Crown Jeweler, a 6-month membership at Anytime Fitness with a personal trainer, and he'll get to wash his car free for 6 months at Top Notch Express Car Wash.

For the last five years. Chrissey Miller said her husband has been a great father for her two children, 10-year-old Gracey and 13-year-old Blair, even though they aren't biologically his.

"He just does everything for us. He's kind and generous," said Chrissey. "He does at least 50% of the work in the parental part of the relationship and we just love him. He's fantastic."

Gracey Sims agrees with her mom. She said couldn't have asked for a better step dad.

"I think he deserves it," said Gracey. "He's my step dad, but I think he's better than any regular dad that I've ever met."

David says he doesn't need to be recognized for being a great dad…he's just doing his job.

"Gracie and Blair are a lot of fun, and they're funny! They're two of the funniest people that I know. They're fun to be around and they make life interesting," Miller said.

We're glad we could make help this day special for a well deserved dad.