Breaking the domestic violence cycle in the CSRA

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - SafeHomes of Augusta helped over 2,000 victims of domestic violence in 2013, and 15% of those victims were men. SafeHomes executive director Aimee Hall says especially on Father's Day, men need to remember they can help prevent violence.

"I really honestly think that it takes a man to stop abuse," she says.

Hall says many of the  victims of domestic violence witness abuse growing up, which adds to a continuing cycle.

"What kids normally see in their homes, they're going to display as an adult. So if they grew up in a family that had domestic violence, then chances are they're either going to marry someone who's an abuser or become one," Hall says.

Daniel Eubanks serves on the board of directors for SafeHomes, and shares Hall's belief that men can help prevent abuse.

"Men can sort of stop that cycle, and change the way that path transitions for the rest of their family's lives," he says.

Hall says while working in the shelter, she has met men who have suffered from domestic violence, and they refuse to let it continue in their lives.

"I have talked to several men who grew up in a domestic violence situation, and they were bound and determined 'I'm not going to be my dad,' " Hall says.

Eubanks has also gotten to speak with some of the victims, and for him one of the best parts is seeing the survivors move on from their abusive past.

"How people can sort of, rise from those ashes and you know, become successful and move on with their lives. It's been pretty awesome to see," Eubanks says.

And he has a message for all men in the CSRA.

"Today's father's day, just educate your children. Show them the way a woman should be treated and help stop that cycle," he says.

If you or someone you know is suffering from domestic violence, click here or call 706-736-2499 for help from SafeHomes.

If you would like to help donate to the Capital Campaign and the construction of the new shelter, click here.

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