Georgians now have blood type option on driver's license

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A new option for Georgians may make emergency situations a little easier. The Georgia Department of Driver Services announced that residents can now get their blood types on the back of their driver's license.

"I think it's a good idea," said Mark Alavi, who is from Marietta, Ga. "I think it's good to have that information to be easily available for emergencies."

And that's exactly what Governor Nathan Deal and the Georgia Department of Driver Services had in mind. The DDS said this option comes as part of a statewide emergency preparedness initiative.

The idea is to have up-to-date health information to quickly treat injuries.

"If some person needs a blood transfusion or if somebody's a donor they can find a match quicker," Alavi said.

And some CSRA residents may even consider getting their blood type printed on the back of their cards.

"(Is this something that you would possibly do?) Possibly because it would help in case you needed to know exactly what blood type you have," said Mamie Pollard, who lives in Augusta.

Georgians can indicate whether or not they want to include their blood type information on the application for issuance or renewal of a driver's license or ID card.

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