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Voter turnout key for June 24 runoff


With just 11 days out from the runoff for State Superintendent of Education, the question is whether the candidates can get voters to the polls.

It is tough getting out the vote, just ask former superintendent candidate Amy Cofield.

She hit the polling places during Tuesday's primary but said there weren't many voters out.

"Even as a first time candidate, as I stood at the polls, even at some of the most popular polls for a very long time with nobody showing up," Cofield said. "That was disheartening."

A map from the South Carolina Election Commission shows that low turnout Cofield saw was statewide.

Some counties only between 10 and 20 percent of registered voters hit the polls.

Only counties like Kershaw or Pickens had a moderately decent voter turnout.

"Those counties, we don't understand why they had more votes than us, but then we realize there was a big sheriff's race or a big county council race," said Shell Suber with The Felkel Group.

And in the superintendent's race where the two Republican front runners Molly Spearman and Sally Atwater only had 44 percent of the total primary vote split between them, getting enough votes to get ahead in the runoff will be a challenge.

"That's what makes this most interesting," Suber said. "55 percent of the vote went to candidates who are not in the runoff. Usually in the runoff there's 20 maybe 30 percent whose candidate didn't make it. This is twice that."

Meaning Spearman and Atwater will work twice as hard to get voters to the polls.

Primary runoff election day is June 24.

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