Free Wi-Fi coming to downtown Aiken in July

Free Wi-Fi coming to downtown Aiken in July

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - An Internet service provider is offering free Wi-Fi in and around the downtown Aiken area in July.

The service, provided by Atlantic Broadband, will cover the area bounded by Barnwell Street, Greenville Street, Park Avenue and York Street. Nearly 200 businesses in that area will be able to offer Wi-Fi to their customers.

Atlantic Broadband Vice President and General Manager Sam McGill said the company is hoping to support the economic growth of downtown Aiken.

"Consumers today have come to depend on Wi-Fi access both in their homes and when they're on-the-go," McGill said. "Whether it's posting on social media platforms, shopping online, or checking emails when they are out-and-about, we know that having 24/7 access to Wi-Fi is more important than ever before."

Atlantic Broadband is offering the free Wi-Fi as part of its $4.5 million "FastForward Aiken" initiative, which has already delivered Internet speeds up to 120 Mbps to its Aiken customers. The free Wi-Fi in downtown Aiken will be available at speeds of up to 5Mps.

One business owner in the area said the free Wi-Fi will be a huge benefit for his customers.

"The free Wi-Fi service from Atlantic Broadband will not only keep customers connected while in and around town, but also while they are sitting inside, spending time with their friends and family, and knowing they aren't missing out on emails, the latest news, sports scores, or social media updates," Aiken Brew Pub Owner Rob Pruitt said.

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