Georgia Power and SCE&G getting the power back on after storm

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Georgia Power worked double time Wednesday to turn the power back on, after storms ripped through the CSRA Tuesday night.

As of 10:46P.M., according to Georgia Power's website, six homes remained without power. Spokesman John Kraft said they're working hard to get everyone's lights back on.

"Some of the longer lasting repair jobs have been the result of trees falling on lines and poles snapping," Kraft said.

But while they're cleaning up, Kraft said customers should stay away from fallen lines, low hanging lines and double check appliances that were on the when the power went off.

"If your power does go out, turn off appliances that may have been on when the power went out," Kraft said, "Say you had a stove or an oven on, you should go ahead and switch that off."

He said doing so will help restore power quicker. If appliances come on again all at once, it can cause a secondary outage.

But he said the most important thing is to be patient.

"If we have a job with 200-300 customers out, we're going to have to work that first," Kraft said, "But we will get to the end of the street where one or two customers are out."

Damage was also widespread in Aiken. According to SCE&G's website, power has been restored in each customer's home.

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