Tips for severe thunderstorm season

LINCOLN COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - With severe thunderstorms expected to hit the CSRA this summer, we have some tips on how you can stay safe.

Officials in Richmond County say thunderstorms are more prevalent during the summer because of the weather that's experienced.

Mie Lucas, director of the Richmond County EMA, says Tuesday night's storm brought in wind gusts of close to 57 mph in some places, which can make for some pretty bad driving conditions. If you're on the road, she says to pull over until conditions clear up. However, if you're close to home you should try and make it to a safe building.

If you are at home when a thunderstorm hits, stay away from the windows and avoid using the telephone or other electrical appliances.

Lucas also recommends planning for your activities for the day around the weather forecast.

"The weather forecasts are a lot better, they're able to tell you potentially when the storms will start, so you can make plans to be inside at that time. If you hear thunder, go inside. Don't wait until you see the lightning to go inside," she says.

Some other tips include staying away from conductive objects, such as telephone and power lines. If you get caught outside during a storm, do not take shelter under a tree. Instead look for a nearby building to take shelter in. And always be sure to check your local forecast frequently for updates.


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