S. C. House District 84 race

S. C. House District 84 race

Roland Smith has held S. C. House District 84 seat for 26 years and he has decided to retire after decades of public service. This now opens the door for a number of candidates and the race is pretty crowded.

Five candidates have qualified for the election to replace Smith in the SC House District 84; Four Republican candidates and one Democratic candidate. Adam Mestres, Chris Corley, Rich Turnbull, Lance Weaver are in the republican primary. Susan Swanson's name is on the ballot but she has since dropped out from the election.

We caught up with a few of the candidates during election day to find out what they feel are the pressing issues in the region currently.

"We've got to do something with our roads and bridges," said republican candidate Adam Mestres. "I think that starts at the state level. We've got to reallocate monies in the budget to where it needs to go and cut wasteful spending out and that goes right in to managing the budget. We have a 25.5 billion dollar budget in this state. We need to manage our resources wisely."

"Jobs are always a big issue facing this area. We recently had a scare with the MOX facility, where we thought we might lose it," said Chris Croley. "That's where we are too dependent on federal money, I think. We're waiting on the federal government to provide that. If we were a little less dependent on federal government money and a little more concerned with private industry. Private Industry is not going to put billions of dollars into a facility then walk away from it because of the political wind shift."

If there is to be a primary run-off, it will be June 22. The winner of the republican primary will face the democrat candidate Democrat Rosie Berry.

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